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Backed by a REAL seed company.

Seattle Seed Company is one of the nation's finest all-organic seed companies.  PlowBox is the only subscription seed club that's backed by a real seed company with deep knowledge about the seeds we select.

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We select high-quality gifts several times a year and offer them at a great discount exclusively to members.  It's a fun way to enhance your PlowBox experience.

Grows With You

If you move, or your gardening skills become advanced, you can change your climate to reflect what you are able to grow.  Lose your yard? We can switch you to PlowBox Green to keep you growing indoors.

We've Got Your Back

The folks at Seattle Seed Co., and other PlowBox members, are here to answer questions and give you the confidence you need to be a successful gardener.  We seek feedback to keep making PlowBox better all the time.

"I’m definitely excited to continue to receive PlowBox, I like that it is quarterly (so I'm not too overwhelmed). I also think this is the PERFECT gift since so many folks are into non-GMO, organic gardening and it arrives looking So.Cute."

Caitlin - Seattle, WA

"I look forward to my next box showing up for the next season, and if you're a beginner in the gardening world you should do the same!"

Merith - Kent, WA

"We are working on getting back into vegetable gardening so Plowbox is a good way for me to go.  Looking forward to my next box!"

Joan W. - Encinitas, CA

"I was anxious that the seeds would be suitable for more advanced gardeners; folks who are used to cultivating their green space in tricky weather, but I was extremely pleased to find that wasn’t the case; I feel confident about putting the herbs and microgreens in this box to good use in my windowsill."

Christen R. - Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve been longing for spring ever since we had a mini heatwave a few weeks ago, and PlowBox has been such a gift in that it’s giving me something tangible to do to prepare for the upcoming season! I’m so excited to grow and eat these organic veggies."

Deb - San Antonio, TX