How it Works

PlowBox Classic

Seeds and gifts delivered quarterly.

Choose from one box or 4 boxes delivered throughout the year (one for each season.) Boxes start at just $45 and get even more affordable if you subscribe to a whole year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)! Shipping is FREE in the USA.


ALL PLOWBOX SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE RECURRING.  You will continue to receive PlowBoxes until you cancel your subscription, which can easily be done online.


Each Plowbox contains 5-10 packs of certified organic, non-gmo seeds, appropriate for that season and your climate.  You will receive more seeds in the peak growing seasons, and fewer in the off-season.  In addition, each box contains planting instructions and tips to help you get started with confidence. Finally, every box contains gifts and supplies from our selection of unique, useful products and partner brands. Plowbox makes an excellent gift for the gardener in your life – or an excellent way to get your own garden juices flowing.

Imagine the delight with each new season when Plowbox arrives on your doorstep reminding you to start those indoor tomatoes in January, inviting you to get your hands in the dirt in April, offering master tips for seed-saving in July and introducing new varieties for your winter garden in October.

PlowBoxes ship 4 times per year.  Here is the schedule for our boxes:

Spring Box: January - March
Summer Box: April-June
Autumn Box: July-September
Winter Box: October-December

What does this mean? Depending on when you sign up, you will receive your seasonal box at 3-month intervals going forward.  Once you're subscribed, you (or we) can adjust your subscription to line up more closely with your planting schedule.

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PlowBox Green

Microgreen seeds and fun gifts.

If you're not sure about your gardening skills, or don't have any outdoor space at all, PlowBox Green might be the choice for you.  Each box contains refills of seeds and sterile growing medium so you have a constant supply of fresh greens for your salads, sandwiches or smoothies. Read more about microgreens here.