Basil - Italian Large Leaf OG

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Italian Large Leaf Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a large plant with medium-dark green leaves up to 4" long. Compared to Genovese, the scent and taste are sweeter and less clove-like.  Grows to about  24-30" tall.

If you are into herb gardening for culinary herbs, Italian Large Leaf Basil is a must have. This culinary herb is a sweeter pesto type basil with high yields in the garden. Fairly resistant to damage from pests and disease, Italian Large Leaf self-seeds easily and grows well in a container. Very aromatic and as popular with bees and butterflies as it is with chefs, this is one of our most favorite basils. Plant in full sun and harvest frequently to keep from going to flower.Once it flowers the taste becomes more bitter.