Pepper - Little Bell (sweet) OG

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85 Days.  Little Bells is sweet pepper with thick juicy sweet walls that are bright red in color. These fruits are densely set on dwarf plants with sturdy short branches.  Little Bells starts out green, turns yellow almost transparent and is fully edible at this point, but many people wait for the orange and later dark red stage.  Reminiscent of the old variety "Jingle Bells".

Sow seeds indoors, 1/4 inch deep in flats, peat pots or cellpacks, 8-10 weeks before you anticipate transplanting outside. Seed germinates best when soil temperature is 80 F or higher. It will not germinate below 55 F.

Keep plants indoors in a warm (70 F during the day, 65 F at night), sunny location. Lack of light will produce leggy, unproductive transplants.

Don't be in a rush to transplant outside. Cold temperatures can weaken plants and they may never fully recover. A few days at 60 F to 65 F with reduced water will help harden plants and reduce transplant shock. Over-hardened plants grow slowly after transplanting.

Set plants out 2 to 3 weeks after average last frost when the soil has warmed and the weather has settled. Plant them 12 to 24 inches apart, in rows 24 to 36 inches apart, or spaced about 14 to 16 inches apart in raised beds.